Prebuilt Pallets

For your convenience we prebuild pallets, so they are ready to go when you are. If you are interested in building your own pallet and choosing your stones, just let us know.

For more information and delivery details call 972-434-1619


Caprock LTD. is located at 792 E. Main St , Lewisville

Why choose CapRock for Your Allen Stone Needs?

Allen Landscape Stone - Calico FlagstoneAlthough you have many different types of products to work with when doing a construction job stone is always going to be a choice that many people gravitate toward. It is a timeless look that can improve almost any surrounding, regardless of whether it is inside or outside. Because we select the finest stone that we provide to our customers, we are positive that we are going to be able to satisfy all of your Allen Stone needs. As a matter of fact, that is the commitment that we have had since we started in business many years ago and we are still able to keep our customers coming back for more any time they have a need. At times, these customers are residential homeowners that simply want to do a job on their own and need the stone that will take care of it. We are also able to take care of large contractors and will make sure that you will have everything that is necessary in order to get the job done, on time and at a good price

What type of Allen Stone Project Are You Doing?

The type of projects that are going to require stone will differ, depending upon the person doing it and the area in which it is going. Perhaps you're interested in doing an outdoor project, such as building a retaining wall or refinishing the driveway with some decorative stone. We have the Allen Stone available for these needs and can provide you with volume pricing if necessary. Indoor projects can also be taken care of beautifully, such as if you were going to install a new granite countertop. Simply call our customer service or stop by and you will be able to walk the yard in order to inspect the stone in advance. Our experts can also assist you with forming an estimate of how much stone you're going to need, a service that we can provide to all of our customers. When you're looking for quality material and you want to go with the popular choice, you can't beat the stone that is available from CapRock.